Harvey (1950): Talk in Office


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The clip talk in office from Harvey (1950) with James Stewart

It's locked. Locked?
Have you any extra keys, Miss?
Yes, we have. I'll get them.
Dr. Chumley, I went around the house and climbed through the window.
I didn't see anybody. Thank you, Wilson. It's quite all right.
Everything's in order, thank you. I'll be all right.
Dr. Chumley, if you need me, I'll...
Holy smoke! We forgot about that crackpot. He's probably roamin' around loose.
Excuse me.
I got 'im, Doctor. Let's go upstairs.
I wanna do your fingernails for you. That's thoughtful of you.
Just a second. I'll take him. Thank you, Doctor.
Oh, Miss Kelly.
Perhaps you'd like this flower. I seem to have misplaced my buttonhole.
Thank you, Mr. Dowd. Okay, let's go.
One moment, please.
Ah, Dr. Chumley. How nice to run into you again.
How are you getting along with Harvey? Oh, well, uh...
Mr. Dowd, I'd like to speak to you in my office alone, please.
I'd like that, too, but I just promised this gentleman he could give me a manicure.
Of course, if you wouldn't mind waiting a few minutes. Not at all, Mr. Dowd.
Oh, excuse me.
You first. Go ahead. Oh...
Mr. Dowd, won't you have a seat? Thank you.
Will you have a cigar? No, thank you, Doctor.
Is there anything I can do for you?
What did you have in mind?

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