Harvey (1950): Introduce Harvey to Aunt Ethel Part 2


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The clip introduce harvey to aunt ethel Part 2 from Harvey (1950)

I'll have Ordway there. Ordway is my grandson.
Any night at all, I'd be delighted. I'd like to meet Ordway.
And now, Aunt Ethel, I'd like you to meet Harvey!
Harvey, you've heard me speak of Aunt Ethel Chauvenet. One of my dearest friends.
She's the one who... Hmm?
Th-That's right. Well, this is the one. No, she's the one!
She... He says he would've known you anywhere.
Well, now we must go in and greet the rest of our friends.
Come along, Harvey.
Oh, Aunt Ethel, will you pardon me?
You're standing in his way.
There we are.
I'll see you in a minute.
I can see that you're disturbed about Harvey. Please don't be.
He stares that way at everybody. It's his way.
But he likes you, I can tell. He likes you very much.
I'm, I'm coming, Harvey.
Well, I... I think I'll be running along.
No tea? Or punch? No, no. Thank you.
Perhaps a nice lemon fizz... I'll be going. Good-bye.
with a turkey wing and some walnut dressing?
Oh, no!

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