Harvey (1950): Doctor's Wife


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The clip doctor's wife from Harvey (1950) with James Stewart, Nana Bryant

Boy, that was a close shave!
But he seemed like a reasonable sort of a fellow.
You handled him beautifully, Doctor. You were wonderful.
Psychology. Specialized training. Takes years of it.
Good afternoon, Mrs. Chumley. Good afternoon, Herman.
Oh, stop the car a moment, Wesley.
Is there something I can do for you? What did you have in mind?
You were walking on my husband's prized dahlias. I'm Dr. Chumley's wife.
Oh, Dowd's my name. Elwood P. Let me give you...
Looking for someone over there? Yes. My friend Harvey.
I turned my back for an instant and he seems to have wandered off.
I wish you could meet him, Mrs. Chumley.
I'm sure he'd be quite taken with you. Oh, thank you!
You're very nice to say so. Oh, not at all.
Mrs. Chumley, would you care to come downtown with me? I'd be happy to buy you a drink.
Oh, I can't. My husband and I are going to a cocktail party.
Dr. McClure is giving a party for his sister from Wichita.
Oh! I didn't know Dr. McClure had a sister in Wichita.
You know Dr. McClure? No.
But you... But are you sure you wouldn't have time to come with me and have a drink?
No, I can't. I'll tell you what I'll do, however.
What will you do, however? I'm interested.
If I meet your friend inside, I'll be glad to give him a message for you.
Would you do that for me? I certainly would appreciate that.
Just tell him to meet me downtown if he has no other plans.
Any particular place downtown? No, he knows where.
Harvey knows this town like a book. How will I recognize your friend?
Oh, you can't miss him, Mrs. Chumley. He's a "pooka."
A pooka? Is that something new?

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