Harvey (1950): Invit to a Drink


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The clip invit to a drink from Harvey (1950)

She must, however, remain out here temporarily.
Uh-huh. Well, I've always wanted Veta to have everything she needs. Exactly!
But I wouldn't want her to stay here unless she likes it and wants to stay here.
If this were an ordinary delusion on the memory picture, that would be one thing.
But this is much more serious.
It stands to reason no one has ever seen a white rabbit six feet high.
Not very often, Doctor.
So she must be committed here temporarily.
Under the circumstances, I'd commit my own grandmother.
Does your grandmother drink too?
That's just an expression.
Here are the commitment papers for you to sign, and here's a visitor's pass.
You can come and see her whenever you like.
I think you better have Veta do this.
She always does all the signing and managing for our family. She's good at it.
I'll have your family lawyer take care of it. Judge Gaffney.
He's already telephoned us in connection with this matter.
Is that so? Yes.
I like you, Dowd. Well, I like you too, Doctor.
And Miss Kelly here. I certainly do like you.
Why, thank you, Mr. Dowd.
You two have been so pleasant, why don't we keep on going?
I'd like to invite you to come downtown with me...
and we'll go to this charming little place called Charlie's and we'll have a drink.
Oh, I'm sorry, but we're on duty now.
Give us a rain check. Some other time, we'd be glad to.
When? Well, I can't say offhand.
Miss Kelly and I are on duty until 10:00 tonight.
10:00 will be fine. I'll be waiting for you. It's at Twelfth and Main.
If we can make it. I'll be waiting.
The four of us will spend a very pleasant evening together.
I want both of you to become friends with a very dear friend of mine.
But you said later on, didn't you? Yes, yes.
Later on it'll be. Good-bye. Good-bye, Mr. Dowd.

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