Harvey (1950): Return Home and Tell Story Part 2


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The clip return home and tell story Part 2 from Harvey (1950) with Josephine Hull

Go on, Veta. Go on, Mother. Was he a young man?
Myrtle Mae, perhaps you'd better leave the room. Now? I should say not.
Go on, Mother. What'd he do, Veta?
He took me upstairs and tore my clothes off.
Did you hear that? Go on, Mother.
And then he dumped me down in a tub of water.
Oh, for heaven's sake! By Godfrey, I'll sue them for this!
I always thought that what you were showed in your face.
Don't you believe it, Judge, Myrtle Mae.
That man grabbed hold of me as though I was a woman of the streets.
But I fought. I always said that if a man jumped at me, I'd fight.
Haven't I always said that, Myrtle Mae?
She's always said that. That's what Mother's always told me to do.
He hustled me into the sanitarium and dumped me in that tub of water...
and treated me as though I was a... A what?
A crazy woman. But he did that just for spite.
Well, I'll be swizzled! Then one of those doctors...
came upstairs and asked me a lot of questions.
All about sex urges and all that filthy stuff.
That place ought to be cleaned up, Judge.
You ought to get the authorities to clean it up.
Don't you ever go out there. You hear me, Myrtle Mae?
This stinks to high heaven. By Godfrey, it stinks!
Is that all those doctors do in places like that, think about sex?
I don't know. Because if it is, they ought to be ashamed of themselves.

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