Harvey (1950): Search Encyclopedia


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The clip search encyclopedia from Harvey (1950) with Jesse White

"P." "O."
Poo... Pooka!
Oh dear, I'm already late for the McClure's.
I did promise them I'd be on time.
"Pooka. From old Celtic mythology.
"A fairy spirit in animal form.
"Always very large.
"The pooka appears here and there,
"now and then,
"to this one and that one.
"A benign but mischievous creature.
"Very fond of rumpots, crackpots...
and 'How are you, Mr. Wilson?"'
"How are you, Mr. Wilson?"
Who in the encyclopedia wants to know?
Wilson, let's go. Dr. Chumley, the screwiest thing just hap...
I know, and believe me, heads will roll. But I was looking...
Quick, downtown. Step on it.

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