Harvey (1950): Getting Ready for Party Part 2


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The clip getting ready for party Part 2 from Harvey (1950) with Grayce Mills, Josephine Hull

You always say that and it doesn't make sense.
She couldn't make out a will after she died, could she? Don't be didactic.
It's not becoming in a young girl. Besides, men loathe it.
Men! A fine chance I've got!
Dear, the whole idea of this party this afternoon is to...
Is to get you started socially, so that you can meet some nice young men.
What's the use? Myrtle Mae Simmons,
her uncle, Elwood P. Dowd, is the biggest screw...
Screwball in town! Who'd want me?
Myrtle, dear, you're sweet and you have so much to offer.
I don't care what anyone says, there's something sweet about every young girl.
And a man takes that sweetness and look what he does with it!
Oh, show some poise, dear. I want you to charm Mrs. Chauvenet.
She has a grandson just about your age.
A lot of good that'll do if Uncle Elwood comes home. Uncle Elwood won't be home.
Or will he? I'm going to telephone Judge Gaffney. We can't take any chances.

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