Harvey (1950): the Bar


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The clip the bar from Harvey (1950) with James Stewart, Harry Hines

How do, Mr. Dowd? Afternoon, Mr. Cracker.
Excuse me.
How is he? Oh, he's just fine, fine. How are you?
Oh, can't complain. That's good.
Is this all right? You sure, hmm?
Well, all right. Give you a hand there. Whoop, don't slip! There.
You sure this is all right? You wouldn't rather sit in a booth?
Well, all right. Would he prefer a booth?
Thank you, Mr. Cracker. He seems to prefer the bar today.
Good afternoon to you, sir.
Mr. Meegles is back. Oh!
You... Excuse me a minute.
Mr. Meegles, this is a pleasure! We've missed you.
How are you, Mr. Dowd? Fine.
And how is he? Oh, he's splendid, thank you. Splendid.
He decided he wanted to come over here this afternoon, so here we are.
Sit down. Oh, thank you. You've been away.
For 90 days. Been doin' a job for the state. Makin' license plates.
Oh, is that so? Interesting work?
I can take it or leave it alone. Oh, I see.
I did a job for 'em last year too. Helpin' 'em build a road.
Oh. Well, Mr. Meegles, we'll just have to do something about your return.
Would you like to come to my house for dinner tonight?
Oh, thanks, Mr. Dowd, but I couldn't make it tonight.
Ah, tomorrow night? Would that suit you?
Yes, yes! But you know, the last time I was there...
I kinda got the impression your sister held it against me because I did a little time.
Oh, no. My sister loves to entertain. She's very social.
Yes, I see by the papers. You know I never miss the society column.
You don't? No. She's giving a clambake this afternoon.
This afternoon? Yeah.
"Reception, program and tea," it says here,
"for the members of the Wednesday Afternoon Forum," for that rich Mrs. "Shuvanut."
Cheva... Yes, that's Aunt Ethel.

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