Legacy (2008): Stras Yells


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The clip stras yells from Legacy (2008)

I didn't even know what to do.
What a performance.
Yeah, okay, and who are you?
I ask the questions.
Close to what?
Solving the case.
You're a couple of first-class
USDA homogenized fucking idiots!
I don't even know what "homogenize" is.
It's a milk!
Shut up.
You call that an interrogation?
"I'm just trying to find out
if you killed her. "
That's not how I said it.
I said it like that.
Goes inside the other pocket.
Fucking piece of shit. The button's broken.
Okay, I'll fix that for you, sir.
You know how important this case is to this town?
This is an important case.
That's how important it is.
Something funny?
Maybe you'd like to share with me what is so funny,
because we got a killer in here.
So if there's something funny about a killer,
then maybe you want to tell me right now.
It's nothing...
Because I don't think there's anything funny about killing.
That's why I became a cop!
I wasn't laughing.
To stop killers!
Is there anything funny about that?
I was that cl...
We got a killer in there!
We got a fucking killer in there.

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