Legacy (2008): End of the Confessions


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The clip end of the confessions from Legacy (2008)

So where'd you go after you left Katie?
I walked outside to go to the backyard to hang out.
What's wrong, Mai?
I'll be fine after this drink.
That convo was over pretty quick.
Too drunk to get it up?
Yeah, you're going to have to leave.
You, too. Get out.
Get out!
Hey, drunky, out!
Boys don't really have much to say anyway.
Get the hell out.
So where'd you go after that?
I went back up to my room to check...
To kill Katie,
so your precious little Emily could be in O.K.
For Christ's sake, I went back up to my room
to check on her!
Katie and the Jell-O, totally hilarious.
She must feel like an idiot.
Yeah, I know. Hey, have you seen Zo?
No, haven't seen her.
Then, when I got up to my room,
it was the strangest thing... my door was open.
When I saw she wasn't on the bed, I was hurt,
because I thought she'd left and hadn't even told me bye.
Hey, drunky.
Get out.
Get out of my room.
Get out!
So that's when you saw the body.
That's all, folks.
That's not all, folks.
I want to clarify one thing.
After you left the Jell-O wrestling ring,
you said you went back inside when Nina came to find you.
That... That's what I said.
So what were you doing up to the point
when she did find you?
Just... Just chilling.
Just chilling?
So no one can actually vouch for your whereabouts
during the time of the murder.
Well, no...
And you moved the body.
See, she killed...

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