Legacy (2008): Begining the Questioning


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The clip begining the questioning from Legacy (2008)

Pretty lame, isn't it?
This police station thing
is just a big waste of our valuable time.
Besides, the O.K. sisters are perfectly capable
of keeping their own house in order.
Ooh, hoo, hoo.
I guess you're doing the whole "bad cop" thing.
I'm Detective Richards.
This is Detective Sams.
Zoey Martin.
Got some bad news for you.
They cancelled my 7:00 Sweat It Out nude cycling class?
That's cute,
but if I was in your situation,
I would not be cracking jokes right now.
I'm serious.
So am I.
And you have much, much, much, much,
much bigger problems to worry about.
It's not like I did anything.
Not according to your Omega Kappa sisters,
Mai and Lana.
Your sisters came clean,
and named you the killer in under two minutes.
That's like a new record. Right, Sams?
So much for sister loyalty.
Oh, God, they know.
Know what?
That I'm bi.
Bi who? Bi what?
Nothing. I did not kill that Katie girl.
So you're saying you didn't do anything?
I didn't even remotely do it.
And I can tell you exactly where I was for the entire night.
Well, start talking.

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