Legacy (2008): the Party


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The clip the party from Legacy (2008)

I really like Prada purses,
but everyone has them now.
So I was gonna get a Gucci one,
but then the girl down the hall from me
had the one that I loved,
so I decided on this one.
It's L.V.
No one has it yet
because no one can afford it.
It's, like, totally gorgeous.
Yeah, I think Lana has that one.
Yeah, go, go!
Swallow! Aww.
Shit, that was a lot of beer.
Zoey, I never drank before in my life.
Well, for an O.K., it's a must.
Right everyone?
And for a newbie, it's double.
Oh, Emily, you're here!
Yeah, this is, like, the greatest party ever.
I know!
Oh, Emily, this is Matty.
He's a Sig.
Pleasure to meet you.
Ooh. Hi, there.
My bad.
Oh, no, that's fine.
These things happen all the time.
So you guys wanna play a little Truth or Dare?
I want to go first.
Okay. Truth or dare?
You totally have to pick dare.
Good call. Dare.
I dare you to kiss me.
You know, kissing a sister is an automatic in.
I want an auto in, too.
Well, what about me?
You know, if you two kiss, it counts too.
You must be Katie.
I've been looking for you.

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