Legacy (2008): Reviewing the Girls


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The clip reviewing the girls from Legacy (2008)

My sisters...
this is the most important decision
of each of our lives.
Now, who can say three words
about Megan Woods?
Funny. Spunky. Pretty.
But remember.
As much as we only want exceptional-looking people,
that can't be included in our O.K. descriptions.
Only words pertaining to their personalities
can be included in voting, according to our bylaws.
Got it?
Sorry, Lana.
Make that funny, spunky, and nice.
To look at.
That's better.
Now, everyone, pick up your paddles to vote.
Looks like majority vote. Total agreement.
Fanny Applebaum.
What a cow.
I think we can all say this one
is better suited elsewhere.
Better suited elsewhere.
My girl.
Emily Barton.
Emily is amazing.
Green for Emily!
Just one second, girls.
I agree that Emily
is perfect.
However, our recruitment team
discovered today that her GPA is pretty low.
And so I'm, like, totally afraid
that we might not be able to let her in.
Unfortunately, what Zoey says is true.
She is a grade risk.
However, according to the rule book...
page 268, section 2, paragraph 5A...
if a legacy doesn't try to get in this quarter,
Emily can slide right in and take that spot.

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