American Graffiti (1973): Talking at Drive in


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The clip talking at drive in from American Graffiti (1973) with Richard Dreyfuss, Paul Le Mat

Don't with the thing!
Will you stop it with the Big Bopper stuff?
Not too good, huh?
Why is it every girl around here is ugly or has a boyfriend?
Where is the dazzling beauty I've been searching for all my life?
I know what you mean. The pickings are really gettin' slim.
The whole strip is shrinkin'.
You know, I remember about five years ago...
it would take a couple of hours and a tank full of gas...
just to make one circuit.
It was really somethin'.
Hey,John. Someone new in town.
Are you gonna go after him?
Hey, listen, professor.
If he can't find me, then he ain't even worth racin', right?
Big shot.

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