American Graffiti (1973): Trying to Get Liquor at Store


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The clip trying to get liquor at store from American Graffiti (1973) with Charles Martin Smith, George Meyer

Wolfmans weat shirts is Wolf Enterprises, Bakersfeld.
Excuse me, sir.
Yes, son?
I was wondering--
Could you give me the time?
It's quarter to 12:00.
Quarter to 12:00. Good. Thanks a lot.
Excuse me, sir. I got a problem.
See, I lost my I.D. in a food...
and I was wondering, since you're going in there anyway...
could you pick me up some Old Harper's-
hard stuff?
Would you buy me a bottle?
Why, certainly.
I lost my wife too.
Her name wasn't Idy though...
and it wasn't in a food, but I know what you--
Yeah, good. Here's some money. Old Harper.
Quarter to 12:00.
No, not wine!
Was there an old man in here just now?
Yeah. Just went out the back.

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