American Graffiti (1973): Arguing with Carol at Diner


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The clip arguing with carol at diner from American Graffiti (1973) with Paul Le Mat, Mackenzie Phillips

Here it is: one ten-cent Coke with ice.
And don't take all day drinkin' it. Please.
Rats! I thought some of my friends might be here.
Probably a couple of weeks past their bed time.
There's Dee Dee. I hope she sees me.
Oh, shit. Dee Dee.
What do you say, Al?
Not much.
You think if I brought my Mopar by the shop on Monday...
you could spot-weld the bumper bracket?
Sure, anything.Just come by before noon, all right?
You met Linda?
No, no. Hi, Linda.
This is my cousin, Carol.
I'm baby-sittin'.
Baby-sitting! -Jesus! Watch it, will ya?
Been hittin' me all night. Kids will be kids, you know.
Goddamn it! Why don't you grow up, for Christ's sake?
We don't get along too well, you know?
Been like this all--
You spastic creep.

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