American Graffiti (1973): Talking in Toilets


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The clip talking in toilets from American Graffiti (1973) with Kathleen Quinlan, Cindy Williams

Why are you so depressed?
You'll forget him in a week.
After you're elected Senior Queen, you'll have so many boys after your bod.
Peggy, the point is, I do not want to go out with any other guys.
Laurie, I know it's a drag, but you can't just--
Remember what happened to Evelyn Chelnick?
When Mike went into the Marines, she had a nervous breakdown...
and was acting so wacky she got run over by a bus.
I just wish I could go with him.
Laurie,jeez! Come on.
Hey, zit makeup! Hey, everybody--
Just cool it, Steve?
Let me see some of that stuff.
You leavin' tomorrow?
You and Laurie engaged yet?
No, but we got it all worked out.
We're still gonna be goin' together, but we can date other people.
And screw around. I know.
Hey, I hear college girls really put out.
When I saw her standing there

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