American Graffiti (1973): Talk to Wolfman at Radio Station Part 2


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The clip talk to wolfman at radio station Part 2 from American Graffiti (1973) with Richard Dreyfuss, Wolfman Jack

That's the Wolfman.
He's on tape.
The man is on tape.
Where is he now? I mean, where does he work?
The Wolfman is everywhere.
I gotta give him this note. Shit!
Here, let me see the note.
Hell, that's just a dedication, man. What I can do is relay it.
It'll be on tomorrow or Tuesday.
No, no, this is very important.
I may be leaving town tomorrow and it's very important...
that I reach this girl right now.
You don't know whether you're going to leave town or not?
I'm supposed to go to college back east tomorrow.
And I don't know if I'm going to go. I don't know.
Wait a minute. Have a popsicle.
No, thanks.
Sit down a minute.
It's early in the morning.
I can't talk for the Wolfman...
but I can tell you one thing.
If the Wolfman was here, he'd say, "Get your ass in gear".
The Wolfman comes in here occasionally...

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