BASEketball (1998): Cooper Vanished


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The clip Cooper vanished from BASEketball (1998)

A young man. His whole life in front of him disappears.
A familiar story, but this is no ordinary Joe.
Joseph R. Cooper, the most loved sports figure in the country...
Elsie Melcher, a neighbor who asked not to be identified, says
Joe Cooper left his house 2 weeks ago.
According to Angelique Bones, a nosy bitch who lives up the street,
he took only a toothbrush, a wallet, a steamer trunk
and a plane ticket to Calcutta.
Police have several possible scenarios of what happened
to the man affectionately known to the world as "Coop".
I don't know where he is. He could be hanging in his closet.
Scenario 1:
He's hanging in his closet.
The night before his disappearance, Coop's girlfriend paid him a visit.
They quarreled.
You'll find Joe Cooper, wherever you'll find the most heinous
and vile exploitation of children.
Scenario 2: Coop went to Disney World.
Here's a photograph taken just days before his disappearance.
Here's a computer-enhanced simulation of what he might look like today.

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