BASEketball (1998): a Night with the Beers


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The clip a night with the Beers from BASEketball (1998)

This has been so fun. I feel like I'm gonna puke all over the bar.
Look, Jerry Springer!
Here is your daughter-in-law...
She's my son's wife.
Nicole! Let's say hi to Nicole.
We'll drink every time a fight breaks out.
You see, Joey, dreams really do come true.
You're the best, Coop!
Man, it's late. We've got a game tonight and you've got that big liver operation.
Yeah, but...
What, dude? You're gonna be fine.
I know I could pull through, if...
If what, dude?
Just say it and Coop will do it.
Do you think you could hit a home run for me tonight?
It's not like he's asking you to hit 2 home runs!
Can you hit 2 homeruns?
Of course.
This is Coop Cooper. He could hit 3 home runs if you wanted. Huh, Coop?
3? Alright.
Remer, can I talk to you over there real quick?

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