BASEketball (1998): Eccessive Celebration


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The clip eccessive celebration from BASEketball (1998) with Stephen McHattie

Manning rolls right. He's got Plough at the ten... Touchdown,
The ideal of sportsmanship
began to take a back seat to excessive celebration.
The athletes caring less about playing than planning the vulgar grandstanding
that inevitably followed even the most pedestrian of accomplishments.
The games became subordinate to the quest for money.
Stadiums and arenas became no more
than giant billboards
to promote commercial products.
Players sold their services to the highest bidder,
much like the hired guns of the Old West.
After playing for New England, San Diego, Houston, St. Louis,
a year for the Toronto Argonauts, plus one season at the Desert Inn,
I'm happy to finally play here in the fine city of Miami.
Whatever. Shit.
Soon it was commonplace for entire teams to change in search of greater profits.
The Minneapolis Lakers moved to Los Angeles, where there are no lakes.
The Oilers moved to Tennessee, where there's no oil.
The Jazz moved to Salt Lake City where they don't allow music.
The Oakland Raiders moved to L.A. And then back to Oakland.
No one in L.A. Seemed to notice.
The search for greener pastures went on. Continued expansion diluted
the talent pool, forcing owners
to recruit heavily from prisons, mental institutions and Texas.
Fistfighting and brawling
overshadowed every athletic competition. As the problems mounted,
the fans became less and less interested. To reverse the trend,

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