BASEketball (1998): What Happened?


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The clip what happened? from BASEketball (1998)

I know this is a dark time for you, but I'd like your thoughts on what happened tonight.
I lost the big game and a dear friend.
I'm feeling pretty vulnerable right now. I don't think I should be alone...
It does seem to be raining shit on Joe Cooper right now.
On paper, the Beers had the far superior team.
But the outside shooting of Coop and the deadly accuracy of Doug Remer.
What happened out there?
Well, you know...
It was a team effort. It took every player working together to lose this one.
Thanks, Doug. And so...
You wanna do an interview with me?
No! So another baseketball championship is in the books.
Yet another opportunity lost for the Beers.
I gotta go.
What's going on? Coop?
This was Tim McCarver
from Beers Garden, where the Felons have defeated the Milwaukee Beers.
In Denslow Cup IV...

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