BASEketball (1998): I'm Not Squeak, or Bitch


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The clip i'm not Squeak, or Bitch from BASEketball (1998) with Trey Parker, Dian Bachar

Miss it. Steve Perry...
Yes! Three outs. I'm up.
Bottom of the 5th.
Joseph R. Cooper?
Single! Man on 1st.
Are you Joe Cooper?
Cut the crap, Squeak. You know me.
This authorizes me to enter your property and terminate services
until all delinquent payments have been generated.
He's here to shut off the gas.
You work for the gas company?
Double! Guy on 2nd and 3rd.
Is your canine locked up or secured within your domicile?
He's getting his claws removed.
If you'll excuse me.
Does it just suck being you?
I'll show those guys
what sucks.
Oh yeah, he misses...
Damn it!
...I'm running outta ideas.
That's why we have this short shot.
Kind of like a bunt.
Exactly! Doesn't put any runners on base.
You lied to me! Again!
Right. The dog's appointment is tomorrow.
Honest mistake, Squeak.
My name's not Squeak. It's Kenny!
Alright, you little bitch. Take a shot!
No, I wanna turn off your gas. And don't call me bitch!
Okay, Squeak, let's just shoot for it.
What? Are you insane? This is my job, you assholes!
All you gotta do is make a single from here,
and you can shut off our gas, and we'll never call you Squeak again.

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