Johnny English (2003): Explain the Mission


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The clip explain the mission from Johnny English (2003) with Tim Pigott-Smith, Rowan Atkinson

They've recently been through a multimillion-pound restoration,
largely paid for by a corporate sponsor.
They're due to be unveiled tonight at the Tower of London.
The queen is insisting that the ceremony goes ahead, so what we want you to-
Hah! Who
Who is the sponsor, sir?
Pascal Sauvage.
What, that flouncy Frenchman who owns a couple of prisons?
Sauvage's £7 billion empire, English,
operates over 400 prisons in 60 countries.
He's built 25 of them here.
Right, sir.
The man's related to the royal family, for goodness'sake.
As far as the prime minister's concerned, he's one of the greatest friends England's got.
Now, English, I want you at the Tower tonight, monitoring this unveiling.
Any chink in security, any weakness,
however slight, must be plugged immediately.
Do we understand each other?
Perfectly, sir.
Oh, yes.
And, uh, English...
we can't afford any mistakes- not tonight.
The word "mistake," sir, is not one that appears in my dictionary.

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