Johnny English (2003): Funeral


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The clip funeral from Johnny English (2003) with Tim Pigott-Smith, Rowan Atkinson

Submarine hatch failed to open.
The greatest secret agent England's ever had snuffed out in an instant.
Do you know what makes us envied the world over, Bough?
That there's always another agent waiting to step in.
Absolutely, sir.
And every last one of them is gathered around that grave.
It is our honor and privilege to guard them while they grieve.
Their lives are in our hands, Bough.
Everything in order, English?
I think you'll find it's rather more than just in order, sir.
You're now entering the most secure location in the whole of England.
Pegasus, we face a national crisis.
Agent One was clearly onto something, and we have to find out what.
I need another agent on this. Who else is there?
No one, Prime Minister. They all died in the explosion.
All of them?
Well, luckily there is one who survived.

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