Johnny English (2003): Discussing Suspects


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The clip discussing suspects from Johnny English (2003)

Thank you.
Dieter Klein and Klaus Vendetta, sir.
Released from prison six months ago. 327 convictions between them.
Armed robbery, grievous bodily harm...
and combined parking fines of more than 400-
Uh, yes, all right. Thank you, Bough. I think we get the picture.
The point is, sir, that Vendetta and Klein...
are both in the employ of Monsieur Sauvage.
Pascal Sauvage?
Precisely, sir.
But you're not suggesting Sauvage is involved?
I think he's more than just involved, sir.
I'm convinced he's up to his French neck in it.
Don't be absurd. Sauvage employs thousands of people.
Just because two of them are villains doesn't mean that he is.
I want him discounted from this investigation immediately.
Yes, sir.
All right. Tonight I shall be at Sauvage's reception for the new French ambassador.
Any developments, you can reach me there.
Apart from that, I don't want you within a hundred miles of the man.
Absolutely, sir.

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