Johnny English (2003): Climb Down Hole


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The clip climb down hole from Johnny English (2003) with Ben Miller, Rowan Atkinson

Can you see the bottom yet, Bough?
Not yet, sir. The shaft appears to be narrowing.
I'm just a little bit worried I might get stuck.
Trust me, Bough. You won't get stuck if you just keep moving.
Yes, sir.
I'm okay, sir.
Are you at the bottom now, Bough?
No, I am in fact stuck now, sir.
Oh, for God's sake, Bough. Stay there! I'm coming down.
Uh, I'm not especially sure that's a good idea, sir.
Don't worry.
Be careful, sir.!
Gently does it.
Are you all right, sir?
Yes. I landed on something quite soft.
That was me, sir.
Oh, good.
What now?
There's no way back up there, that's for sure.
But this must lead somewhere.
I'm slightly uncomfortable in the dark, sir.
There's nothing to worry about, Bough.
It may be pitch black, but we can still see.
Can we, sir? How?
The Bedouin monks of the Al Maghreb mountains...
developed a system of sonic chanting.
I see, sir.
The sound of their chanting...
would bounce back off any obstacles,
and using their highly tuned ears...
they could paint a mental picture of the path ahead.
Brilliant, sir.
However, you must always sing in E-flat.
flat, E-flat, E-flat
Thank you for the music The songs I'm singing
Is it working, sir?
Extremely well, thank you, Bough.
Thanks for all the joy that-
You all right, sir? I think I can see something, sir.

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