Analyze This (1999): Get A Life!


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The clip Get A Life! from Analyze This (1999) with Molly Shannon, Billy Crystal

I just kept telling him that I needed room to grow and to find myself as a person.
You know? Not just as a woman but as an independent entity.
Then I told him I needed to get in touch with my uniqueness but he could not handle that.
He said that I was driving him away.
He said I was driving him away.
Do you think I was driving him away, Dr. Sobel?
Caroline, things end.
It's part of life. It's how we deal with the ending that's important.
I just cannot believe that it's over between me and Steve, you know?
I mean, maybe there's still hope.
He took a restraining order against you.
To be honest, that's usually not a good sign.
But what should I do?
The first thing that I think you should do is to stop whining about this pathetic loser, for christ' sakes!
You are a tragedy queen!
Steve doesn't like me. Steve doesn't respect me.
Who gives a shit? Get a fucking life!
Dr. Sobel?

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