Analyze This (1999): Meeting with OCD Agents


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The clip meeting with OCD agents from Analyze This (1999) with Jimmie Ray Weeks, Billy Crystal

Any furniture you want to change in the house...
Dr. Sobel.
I'm Agent Steadman. Agent Ricci, Agent Provano Federal Bureau of Investigation, OCD.
Obsessive-compulsive disorder?
Organized Crime Division. We need to talk.
FBI? This is cooler than the fountain!
Go to your room.
But I just...
Go to your room.
Fine. I can hear better in there anyway.
Can you explain these photographs?
Yes. I'm a psychotherapist. Paul Vitti is my patient.
Was your patient.
Was my patient, yeah.
Not even like a patient.
Right. Exactly.
So why did he send you that fountain?
The fountain?
That was a...
That was a gift to celebrate the completion of the therapy.
I got a television from a kleptomaniac so it's not really that big of a deal.
Let me cut to the chase, Dr. Sobel.
Next week the heads of every major crime family in the U. S will meet somewhere in the New York area.
We think the stage is set for a major bloodbath.
Has he mentioned it to you?
A bloodbath?
He has not mentioned anything like that.
I would've remembered that.
"Bloodbath" is something that sticks out in a conversation.
You could really help us by supplying information about that meeting.
If I don't?
If you don't I will personally make your life a living hell.

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