Analyze This (1999): Watching a Whale Show


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The clip watching a whale show from Analyze This (1999) with Joe Viterelli, Billy Crystal

Give her a big hand! Let's hear it!
How about that?
That was great! Come on, get into it.
I don't understand. They splash in the water.
They eat fish.
This is not a big stretch for a whale.
Stop it.
We're having fun, right?
I'm not having as much fun as it looks like I am.
I'm pretending, because we have to bond and all.
A little snack for her might be 50 pounds of mackerel.
There she goes!
I'm going to get a hot dog. Anybody want anything?
I'll go with you.
It's fine.
You're pretending to have a good time. I don't want to spoil that.
I'll be right back.
You think those whales piss in that water?
I think they use the men's room next door to the Burger King.
What's going on?
Mr. Vitti wants to see you.
Is this a joke?
You're employed by Mr Vitti which means you're on call 24 hours a day just like the rest of us.
I'm sorry. He and I discussed...
We discussed this, and I agreed to see him in New York.
That's it.
Doctor, listen to me. It is what it is.
If he wants you sooner, you go sooner. That's it.
No. I am not going.
And if either one of you bother me again I won't treat him at all.
Do you understand that? Capisci?
It's over! End of story.
Look at the size of this one.
Jesus Christ!
It's feeding time.
They threw me in the shark tank, Paul.

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