Smokey and the Bandit (1977): Hot Pants Hilliard


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The clip hot pants hilliard from Smokey and the Bandit (1977) with Burt Reynolds

I'm hot to trot, longshot.
Just tell me how I can help and I'm with ya, body and soul.
Channel clear. Breaker one-nine. Breaker one-nine.
Is that Hot Pants Hilliard I hear yakkin' out there?
And who wants to know?
This is the Bandit, darling.
Well, where are you, you bodied-up, smooth-talkin' thing?
And how can I help? Bring it back.
You still workin' at that choke-and-puke on west 5?
Affirmative, affirmative. I'm still dishin' it out.
We're gonna come screamin' by there in five minutes with a herd of Smokeys on our ass.
How 'bout gettin' those pallies of yours out there and block them off?
Love to! But, hey, you're gonna owe me one.
I owe you a big one.
That's a big ten-four.
All right, gang, we're gonna go for a big Smokey red 22.
Ride with me? Yeah.
You sure we ain't gonna get in trouble?
I've done it before.
We're comin' at you, darlin'. Are you ready?
Ready, willin' and able, Bandit.
"Ready and willing. " She always was.
Okay, gang, be alert, be alert, 'cause here he comes.
Well, go ahead and answer.
Ten-four, Hot Pants. We copy.
Let go of the button.

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