Airport (1970): Gwen is Pregnant Part 2


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The clip Gwen is Pregnant Part 2 from Airport (1970) with Jacqueline Bisset, Dean Martin

I knew I'd react the same way...
very modern, very sophisticated.
But I certainly didn't.
I was suddenly filled with a sense of wonder and awe.
I don't want to sound mystical or anything,
but I am carrying someone who's part of us.
I'm not so sure I want to lose it.
And if you have the baby, then what?
Well, I suppose adoption would be the answer.
They're very careful nowadays.
They find the right family.
They're very careful,
and all the arrangements are made beforehand...
and the records are kept secret, you know...
and you'll never see the baby.
I suppose in time I'll be sensible,
but I've got to have time to think.
Vern, thank you for caring.
Most men would have said, "FSo long, girl. Tough luck. "F
Not this one.
You know, I think you really do love me a little.
It makes it harder to decide...
but easier to bear.
Is something wrong, Gwen?
The air vent was stuck. The captain fixed it.

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