Airport (1970): Inez Guerrero Meets Tanya


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The clip Inez Guerrero Meets Tanya from Airport (1970) with Jean Seberg, Burt Lancaster

Detain on board...
after landing.
Release only...
to station manager Roth.
I'm going to flight dispatch. I'll take it.
I'll take it for you, Mr. Weatherby.
No, thank you. It'll wind up in the ladies room.
What about the man, Mr. Weatherby,
the one with the attaché case?
If Standish wants to find out what he's smuggling,
let him get Italian customs to check.
I won't offend a paying passenger...
with something that's none of our business.
I was wondering, what if he isn't smuggling? What if-
Forget it.
I'm sorry, Mrs. Livingston, that he got mad at you.
It was all my fault.
Never mind. He'll get over it.
That man was one of the last to go aboard,
so he probably was on that bus that was late.
John, this is Tanya Livingston.
Do me a favor. Read me the passengers on flight two...
who came out on the bus.
Yeah. Hang on. I've got it right here.
Never mind the women. Just the men.
OK. "FRathbone, Marcus J."F
"FBinelli, Luigi. "F
"FGuerrero, D. O."F
"FYates, Robert. "F
She stood us up, that's all.
I hope that's all.
You or me?
Your wife insisted that I page you.
She's waiting for you in your office.
Delta Air Lines flight 76 for Atlanta...
now departing at gate 12.
Oh, Mrs. Livingston! I'm sorry to bother you,

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