Airport (1970): Flight Delayed


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The clip Flight Delayed from Airport (1970) with George Kennedy, Burt Lancaster

I'll have this mother out by midnight, so stop worrying.
The party starts at 12:01.
I'll settle for a box of cigars. See you later.
You keep leaning on that shovel, Jack,
you're going to freeze solid like Lot's wife.
We want to move this airplane before it becomes obsolete.
The way you guys keep heading for this bus...
looks like you got a broad stashed in there!
Out! Everybody out!
Attention, please, ladies and gentlemen.
Trans Global Airlines regrets to announce...
that the Golden Argosy flight two to Rome...
will not depart until 11 p. m.
We are indeed sorry, but this is due solely...
to the condition of the highways,
which is causing unavoidable delays...
in ground transportation.
Those of you on flight two to Rome, don't worry.
They're going to hold the plane.
Just relax. I'll get you there in time.
They could have decided that before we left the terminal.
Making us sit here and worry- it's inexcusable.
Go away. Your nose is running.
Of course, if it's not crowded, I...
Here's the ticket. It's flight 103.
Oh, thank you.
Oh, no, you don't.
My, she has a suspicious nature.
Well, go on. You were saying...
you prefer the flights that aren't direct.
Yes. That's why your flight 86 is my favorite-

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