Airport (1970): The Stowaway Part 2


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The clip The stowaway Part 2 from Airport (1970) with Jean Seberg, Burt Lancaster

Mrs. Livingston hasn't been able to.
Uh, yes. Uh... uh, Mrs. Quonsett,
uh, what you've done is, uh, is dishonest.
You've broken the law.
You defrauded Trans Global.
They can prosecute you.
But they wouldn't, would they?
It wouldn't be very good public relations to prosecute
a little old lady because she wanted to visit her daughter.
May I have one?
Well, sure.
On the plane, the beef was a little too well done,
and the salad dressing had garlic in it.
You should tell them, my dear,
that very often elderly people can't tolerate garlic.
Gives them gas.
Well, I'll certainly mention it to our chef. Thank you.
Not at all.
Look, Mrs. Quonsett,
since you've had so much free travel from Trans Global,
at least you could tell us how you get aboard.
Well, I use many methods, but I like to be in the airport...
early enough to get a boarding pass.
But our boarding passes are ticket folders.
I know.
I go to a counter and say I've lost mine and need another one.
The clerks are busy, and lots of people are waiting.
They always give me one.
It's just a blank folder. It isn't made out as a pass.
I do that myself in the ladies room.
I know just what to write.
I carry one of these black pencils like the airlines use.
Yes, I do.
I'll keep that if you don't mind.
It's really mine, but if you want it,
I can get another one.
So now you have a boarding pass. What then?
Then I go to the departure gate.
No, thank you.

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