Airport (1970): Mel and Tanya


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The clip Mel and Tanya from Airport (1970) with Jean Seberg, Burt Lancaster

I just don't believe it.
You were a big help giving her that VIP treatment-
deference, courtesy, sandwiches.
Why not break open a bottle of champagne?
If we had one, I would have. She's fabulous.
She just laughed at us.
Take it easy. There have been stowaways...
ever since the Egyptians sailed the Red Sea.
When they caught them, they tossed them overboard.
The airlines won't do a thing, and she knows it.
Crafty little old biddy.
Come on. Relax. She only stole a ride, not a plane.
I know, but...
Mel, they've been pressuring me...
about that transfer to San Francisco.
I think I'll take it.
The pay is better. The climate will do me good.
No snow.
It's a beautiful city. I'll miss you.
Will you... enough not to let me go?
I'm sorry. You've been honest with me from the beginning-
no false hopes, no promises.
I'm not as honest as you think.
I said I invented excuses not to go home.
But I didn't mention why I stay.
I tell myself I've got to hold things together...
for the children's sake.
But I'm not sure that's true or even kind.
They know what's going on, and it's hurting them,
especially Roberta.
I think about my mother and father, and...
God knows they had their ups and downs.
But somehow they... somehow they worked it out.
I feel I should do the same, or else I've failed.
I don't like to fail.
I don't know what to do.

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