Airport (1970): Cleaning the Runway Part 3


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The clip Cleaning the Runway Part 3 from Airport (1970) with Dean Martin, Burt Lancaster

What's the status on runway two-niner?
No change. We'll keep you advised.
Mobile One, snow desk.
Go ahead, Danny.
The equipment is in position, standing by, ready to move.
Roger. But be clear- if the plows go in,
I'll give the order- no one else.
Right. Better you than me.
You'll do a hatchet job on that plane.
Then the owners will do the same to you.
If the owners were on the plane, they'd agree with me.
Roger. Standing by.
Mobile One, ground control.
The Center estimates hand-off to Lincoln approach control at 17.
This gives you 11 minutes to make a decision.
I must be kept informed of exact status of approaching flight.
Can we hold this frequency clear?
Affirmative. We've moved regular traffic to another frequency.
Can you also put stuck 707 on same frequency so I can monitor?
May I speak to Patroni?
That's OK.
Approach control, who's taking the hand-off?
Frank has east arrivals.
Continental 73, due to emergency,
continue to hold at Joliet. Maintain 8,000.
The Center will hand off Global two in three minutes.
He's all yours. Stick with it.
We'll take everything else.
You'll have the runway as soon as we know.
OK, son... let's get going.
Ready to start. Pressurize.

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