Airport (1970): After Landing


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The clip After Landing from Airport (1970) with Dean Martin, Burt Lancaster

OK if Jordon watches the right side for a minute?
I'll be right back.
Global two, welcome home.
Need a tow, or can you taxi? Over.
Global two, again, need a tow or can you taxi?
We can taxi.
How is she?
I think she'll be all right.
Can I speak to her?
Go ahead.
Gwen... it's Vern.
Can you hear me? If you can, squeeze my hand.
Hold on. You'll be all right. We're going to make it.
Please do not obstruct the tourist jetway.
Open the gate. Get that down here!
They're down. Everything's fine.
I was watching television-
I know.
The news picked up the mayday and flashed it everywhere.
They're all right.
All passengers will deplane...
through the first-class jetway.
Come on. Stand back, please. Let us through here.

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