Airport (1970): After The Explosion


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The clip After The Explosion from Airport (1970) with Dean Martin

Request 10,000.
Roger. Descend and maintain 10,000.
Report your intentions when ready.
Global two, Toronto Center.
We're level at 10,000. Returning to heading 2-7-0.
We have damage due to explosion. Extent unknown.
Turn on all the heat you've got.
Can we maintain control?
The rudder's heavy,
and the stabilizer trim won't respond,
but at least the tail didn't fall off.
Where'd he pull the trigger?
In the starboard can.
Go back and check the damage and report by interphone.
According to the manifest, there's three doctors aboard.
Let's hope they're not dentists.
They're probably pitching in already.
Get anybody else that can help.
And find out about Gwen.
WOl'm so cold. I'm terribly cold.
Put him on the walk-around. I'm cutting off the oxygen.
All right.
You can breathe normally. You can take off the masks.
Fasten your seat belts.

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