Airport (1970): Ms. Quonsett's Help Part 2


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The clip Ms. Quonsett's Help Part 2 from Airport (1970) with Helen Hayes, Jacqueline Bisset

Oh, Captain-
Please sit down, Mrs. Quonsett.
I'm sorry to be a trouble to you,
but I was going to New York to visit my poor daughter-
Why'd you get on this flight?
Because according to the schedule,
the next flight back from Rome is to New York-your number 5-
and I thought they'd want to get rid of me quickly,
so they'd put me on that plane.
If you help us, I promise you,
you'll get to take trips to New York, first class.
Oh. Thank you. But how can I help?
Mrs. Quonsett, now, whatever happened back there,
you can forget. That's not why you were brought here.
Mrs. Quonsett, I hope I didn't hurt you.
No, no... not much.
Are you frightened easily?
I get nervous sometimes, but not as much as I used to.
When you get older, there isn't a lot left to be frightened of.
Good. All right, now... you listen very carefully.
Global two, this is Toronto Center.
Your position is 15 miles east of Klineberg intersection.
Say altitude.
Level at 2-8-0. Request continued slow descent.
Roger, Global two. What altitude do you wish?
Request flight level 2-1-0.
Roger. Continue slow descent.
Maintain flight level 2-1-0.
Mel, I just talked to the other commissioners,
and they all agree with me.
So as not to have more trouble with Meadowood residents,
I'm instructing you to shut the airport down until 7 a. m.
Read this...
dispatch we just sent.
The plane's on its way back. You still want us to shut down?
Under the circumstances, I, uh, I...
Global two, this is Toronto Center.
Continue slow descent.

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