Airport (1970): Recruiting Ada's Help Part 2


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The clip Recruiting Ada's help Part 2 from Airport (1970) with Dean Martin, Virginia Grey

All right. I'll tell the girls in tourist.
Oh. Oh, Captain. Our son has a question to ask you.
Schuyler, here's our captain.
Before, Virgo and Leo were right there, sir.
Now I'm beginning to see Ursa Minor and Cassiopeia.
We must be turning around.
You have a young navigator here.
I'll tell you, son, due to a setzle wind,
distors vexered us into a 360 tarsan of slower traffic.
We'll maintain this borton hold...
until we get fortomagnus clearance from Malnix.
Oh. Yes, of course.
What did he mean by that, son?
Never mind, Father. I'll tell you later.
Enjoying your trip?
Very much. I was telling my wife how smooth it is.
A little while ago, I put my drink on the armrest,
and there wasn't even a ripple.
Didn't lose a drop.
Hi, girls.
Slumming, Captain?
No. We got some bumpy weather ahead,
so don't serve dinner yet.
Keep everything in the drawers.
Doug, are you getting plane-to-ground direct?
They've turned around and started a slow descent.
What's the frequency?
I'm sorry to have to put this on you,
but if I go back there a second time, he might get suspicious.
Don't worry. I think I can handle it.
Excuse me, madam. May I see your ticket?

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