Primary Colors (1998): Libby Threatens the Tape Forger


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The clip Libby threatens the tape forger from Primary Colors (1998) with Kathy Bates

You asshole! Yes, it was off a cellular phone.
But don't pull that outraged puppy shit.
You haven't become an innocent just because the tape is phony.
I wish we'd castrated you when we had the chance.
Libby, you're on a cell phone.
Oh, shit!
Yes, I'm goddamn sure I know who did it.
Yes. I'll get it done.
Okay. Bye.
You know who did it?
Yes. Oh, yes, indeed.
A triumphant day, huh, Randy? Perhaps your best ever.
Is that Cashmere on the line?
Then say good-bye to Sherman Presley.
It's not Sherman Preslay, whoever he is.
You're branched out. Electronics now.
What do you mean?
You've been recording your friend Jack's private conversations.
Why would I do that? I'm a big Stanton supporter.
I always have been.
I've been here 20 seconds and you've already exhausted my patience.
I want a signed confession.
Libby, put that away before you get yourself in trouble!
Randy, you human turd...
you admit you ambushed Jack Stanton, or you die.
You're crazy!
At last, a fact!
You'll go to jail, too.
I knew nothing about this.
He's shocked. He had no idea. Now, are you going to write this out?
I don't know what you mean!
You know what? I'm going to blow your nuts off.
Yes, I am a lesbian. I do not mythologize the male organ.
Now, you tiny scumbag, I know you did it.
You're on retainer to the Flash.
And you, you stupid shit...
the crap Jack actually did wasn't enough... you had to embellish it.
Mister, you're about to become missus.

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