Primary Colors (1998): Bringing Libby in Part 2


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The clip bringing Libby in Part 2 from Primary Colors (1998) with Kathy Bates

Oh, for Christ's sake, act your age.
Jack Stanton fucks around and has enemies.
But what can Susan's hairdresser do to us?
Sell her story to the "Flash" for $150.000...
minus the 10% she's giving to the slimesucking...
shitty night school attorney who's agenting the deal.
You know this?
No, I imagined it in the booby hatch!
It's bullshit.
In your dreams, sweetheart.
She can't hurt us. She's selling a story.
She has no proof, no credibility.
It's the tip of the iceberg. Jackie's done some pretty stupid things.
He's poked his pecker in some sorry trash bins. We have to...
stop them before they stop us. Crush them and sweep them up.
From now on, you can call me the Dustbuster.
You know, honey child... I'm stronger than dirt.
I believe you.

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