Primary Colors (1998): Stanton's Speech for the Factory Worker


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The clip stanton's speech for the factory worker from Primary Colors (1998) with John Travolta

Our the land...
of the free...
and the home
of the brave
Thank you, Phil.
As head of the Portsmouth Democratic Party...
it is my pleasure to introduce...
one of the south's most progressive governors...
and the husband of one the best fly-fishers I've met.
Please welcome Governor Jack Stanton.
Thank you for that kind introduction, Tommy.
And thank you for the fish.
He gave me a big, slab-sided, white bellied fella. Looked a lot like me.
Put it on the grill, gave it some heat. Kind of like I'm getting now.
Thank you for coming tonight. I know you work hard...
and have little time to rest.
Some of us got more time than we'd like.
Right. I understand.
Since this factory closed, how many of you have found work?
Raise your hands.
How many of you work jobs that just pay the rent, no matter...
how many hours you work?
My mama worked jobs like that after my daddy died.
I remember her coming home from work just bone weary.
I know she wanted to play with me and ask me about school.
But sometimes you're too tired to do anything but blob...
out in front of the tube.
You got that right.
I don't have to tell you how hard it is to find work...
or anything at all about hard times.
So I'm going to do something really outrageous.

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