Primary Colors (1998): Watching Stanton Debate


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The clip watching stanton debate from Primary Colors (1998)

Gentlemen, welcome to the first debate of the...
Democratic Presidential Primary.
Remember to keep your responses to one minute.
God, I'm so nervous, I'm sick.
Health care.
What I want to say about health care is...
while it's vital that every American be covered...
it's also vital that we conserve as well as expend.
We're providing a safety net for folks on welfare...
Oh, shit.
Oh, man...
What did you see?
Nothing. No one.
You're missing one of the great assholes of our time.
I can't help feeling sad as I listen to Senator Martin.
I remember a time when being a Democrat...
meant more than just giving welfare recipients a safety net.
It meant giving them a ladder...
giving them a way to climb back to an equal height.
If we don't control spending...
and shore up the economy of this country, it will go under.
This is a new economic era.
Who are we shoring the economy up for?
Your bond-holding fat cats?
No, not just bond holders. Ordinary men and women will benefit, too.
Why is he doing this?
Because he just has to get on the good side of Lawrence Harris.
A lower deficit means working families...
will have lower mortgage rates.
Okay, not bad, but shut up.
Now Governor Nilson's idea has merit.
We must provide jobs for those who need work.
Jack, excuse me.
What, if anything are you against?

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