Primary Colors (1998): Bringing Libby in


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The clip bringing Libby in from Primary Colors (1998)

Henry, I'm just thrilled, thrilled y'all came back.
I have a million messages for you.
He looks like a band leader. I'm getting rid of it.
Henry, How you doing?
On behalf of Jack Stanton, thanks for your support.
Call them assistants, not secretaries.
Jennifer, look who's back.
You're working on Friday, wearing a yarmulke?
Actually, I'm dressed for work. Hi, H.B.
I'm here. Who's going to talk to me?
Srta. Holden. Henry Burton.
Hi. I'm Terry Hicks.
Hi. Lib.
Hi, shit-for-brains.
You learned to watch your mouth yet?
I will not let you fuck up this campaign, too!
That was 20 years ago.
Yes, I was thinner then. I had a waist.
Peter Goldsmith.
Ella Louise Harriman.
Where is this happening?
The fucking meeting.
I'll need a safe house. I know the one.
Little. Nice rose garden.
Call Becky Raymond. 673-4982.
Tell her it's for the Governor. She'll understand. Now, staff.
I want her. The one who looks like Winona Ryder.
Gorgeous. Is she smart?
Oh, she's smart.
I want her right away. Start.
A Black Advocate reporter dug up the Governor's Chicago arrest.
We can't stop that.
But we're concerned there may be other things.
Like Cashmere Mcleod.
You don't know shit, do you?
Susan's hairdresser?
And Jack's porkpie.

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