Primary Colors (1998): Stanton Tells Burton to Rest


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The clip stanton tells burton to rest from Primary Colors (1998) with Adrian Lester

Come back, Shane.
Run for president.
How you doing, Henry?
Uh, fine.
There was a bender on the interstate.
I'm on my way to meet the family, so cancel Howard.
Yeah, okay.
And, um, governor, look...
about the Teachers Union dinner...
I know how much I lay on you.
I know how hard you work for me, and I'm honored by it.
I'm honored.
But I should have thought...
Forget it.
Now, get out of that office and rest.
Open a bottle of Chablis. What are you doing this weekend, Henry?
Setting up a list of meeting...
Do you think it's possible to get yourself laid?
I'm serious.
I don't want you too homy to think straight when we need...
to start rolling. What are you going thanksgiving?
You said you mama's in Beverly Hills, so if you're free...
come spend it with Susan, Jackie and me. It's not...
like being with your mama...
but we're family, too.
Thank you. Yes, I'd like that.
Good, good.
And, the reason I won't take on Ozio...
is so I don't give that bastard the power to make me the bastard.
All right? See you, Henry.

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