Primary Colors (1998): Burton Manages Incompetent Campaign Workers


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The clip burton manages incompetent campaign workers from Primary Colors (1998)

Are you, uh...?
Is this...?
Where are the state party people?
They're tied up with the congressional races. We're it.
All right.
Get me the national mailing lists of every donor...
since the beginning of time.
I also need a complete database of voting records on every candidate...
so we can set up a rapid response operation.
How do we do that, honey?
Don't you, uh...?
Don't any of you have any special skills?
I speak Hebrew.
Now, double click on "Pro-Choice".
Now call up the Harris vote.
No, no.
Why can't I learn this?
This announcement is for the candidate briefing on the 23rd.
Put it on five hundred leaflets.
And then what?
Hand them out.
Call only the Orthodox and Conservative synagogues.
Speak only to the rabbis and start off in Hebrew.
How's that?
Great. We need to file that with...
Excuse me.
Terry? Terry!
Just hold out the leaflets for people. Don't stalk them.
How y'all doing? We're... coming along.
We don't have much staff yet.

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