Primary Colors (1998): Libby Lets the Stanton's off the Hook


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The clip Libby lets the stanton's off the hook from Primary Colors (1998)

Is that for me?
No, darling.
Where are we?
Coming up to my beautiful condo by the river.
You want to come in for some coffee? Booze? Diet Coke?
No, darling.
Deliver this for me, will you? I'm not going to use it.
You're giving them the blood test info?
Why not? Picker will go down anyway. We can't save him.
The point of this was to see if they'd turn him in, and they will.
They didn't even fucking hesitate.
So that's that.
Let them swing, Libby, Let them sweat a little.
Oh, honey.
You see that moon?
That's me. It's beautiful, huh?
But Henry...
it's only reflected light. It needs the sun.
The Stanton are my sun.
I lived my life drawing light and warmth from them.
Without them, I'm bleak and cold...
and airless for eternity.
You be careful, Henry.
You have something of an atmosphere.
Just find yourself a life, Okay?
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