Primary Colors (1998): Burton Contemplates Resignation


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The clip burton contemplates resignation from Primary Colors (1998)

I can still hear the soft summer wind...
In the live oak trees
And those Williams boys...
They still mean a lot to me Hank e Tennessee.
I guess we're all gonna be.
So what do you with good ol'boys like me?
I love that song... the line about the Williams boys.
It's never just Hank. The picture's not complete without Tennessee.
Governor, I'm resigning from the campaign.
I don't accept your resignation.
I don't feel comfortable about this anymore.
About what?
This line of work.
I spoke to Richard. He's back on board.
I'm putting him in charge... campaign manager.
I'm bringing Daisy back, too.
That's not what this is about.
Then what is it?
Her test. You flunked it.
But just now I passed it. So which grade do I get, Henry?
If she hadn't died...
Then I'd have leaked the file and felt bad about it.
But I'd have been wrong not to.
What I did now, I did for Libby. But it wasn't right.
If Picker hadn't quit, he'd have taken the party down with...
him. Just a matter of when.
And how. And who took him down.
Those are fine points, Henry.
They're "how many angels fit on the head of a pin points. "
This is hardball. Do you mean you just realized that and can't handle it?
I know you better than that.
This is it, Henry. This is the price you pay to lead.
You don't think Lincoln was a whore before he was president?

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